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  • The Mother Of All Gaming Machines: Meet The Motherboard!

    Posted on September 26, 2017 by Alvin Bregman in Blog.

    The gaming industry has been witnessing some pretty new exciting trends recently. From traditional computer games played on the typical platforms, to the nouveau mobile-app based ones, gamers are constantly being bombarded by fast-paced, visually fantastic games that test their gaming prowess to the extreme!

    These new gen gamers are no longer content with just playing the games. They wish to ace it! Playing against formidable highly ranked opponents requires not just a skilled hand and alert mind, but also the very latest gaming gear. In an effort to amp up the scores, gaming enthusiasts have now come to depend on sites like Ratedgamergear.com, that explores the current trends in the gaming industry. According to the sources at www.pcadvisor.co.uk, even an average gamer will invest in state-of-the-art gaming gear, in the hopes that it will boost his performance.

    However, all this will be for naught, if the very heart of the computer system is not dealt with first.

    Meet The Mom!

    The motherboard is a vital component of your computer system. Its main task is to act as the hub between all other components. This makes it a vital link, and its performance will influence the performance of all the others. Choosing the correct motherboard is quite important, and gamers will need to exercise even more caution, as their overall gaming experience greatly depends on the smooth working of the motherboard.

    What are the factors that need to be considered while making the choice?

    While selecting the motherboard, you will need to have a sound understanding of all the basic components of your computer system. Let’s take a quick look at how you ought to go about making the choice.

    • Explore the CPU

    Currently, there are 2 CPU manufacturers that dominate the market- Intel & AMD. You will have to figure out which processor is being used in your system, as the choice of motherboard depends on it. AMD processors are compatible with AMD chipsets, while Intel processors will work only with Intel chipsets.

    • Choose the correct PC case

    The motherboard needs to be housed in the PC case. The size of the motherboard, also known as form factor, will determine the eventual size of the PC case.

    There are four form factors, having specific dimensions:

    The Mini ATX, with 170 x170

    • Micro ATX, with 244 x 244
    • ATX, with 305 x 244
    • XL-ATX, with  345 x 262

    From this, one can plainly deduce that it is virtually impossible to interchange PC cases. Thus, one can make the choice of motherboard, either based on the PC case, or vice versa.

    • Check for in-built devices

    Choose Motherboards that come with several nifty inbuilt devices like:  

    • A Built-in Graphics Adapter
    • A Built-in Sound Adapter
    • A Built-in Network Adapter
    • A Built-in Wi-Fi Adapter

    These are essential for serious gamers, who wish to enjoy a superior gaming experience.

    • Buy Motherboards with Cooling Systems

    Motherboards tend to heat up while working. Cheaper models are usually not equipped with cooling radiators. Expensive models have in-built cooling systems that prolong the life of the motherboard.

    By incorporating these tips, you can enjoy an enhanced gaming performance!


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